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Granite Shield's Nustone Kleen Neutral Stone & Tile Cleaner Concentrate 32 OZ.
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Prod. Code: 1022

Granite Shield's Neutral Stone Cleaner is a unique, concentrated, no rinse cleaner intended for daily use on all natural stone, ceramic, porcelain and quarry tile. Cleans the surface without the use of acids, caustics, abrasives, bleach or ammonia. Concentrate will make approximately 30 gallons.  Cleans the surface without acids, caustics, abrasives, bleach or ammonia. Nustone Kleen is a neutral ph7 stone cleaner.

Concentrate 32 OZ.

Dilution Instruction:

Dilute cleaner with water according to its intended use.

For light cleaning use 1 to 4 oz per gallon.
For filmy residue use 8 oz per gallon.
For heavy soiling use 12 oz per gallon.

When washing floors, flooring and grout must be dried with a white terry cloth towel otherwise can leave dirt on the surface, streak from water or leave a residue.

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