Granite Shield Warranty Registration

For Granite Shield Customer's to Register What Was Sealed in Their Home

We thank you for your purchase. As of 4/1/2011 customer's that have had something sealed with Granite Shield by a Granite Shield applicator the customer or someone for the customer at this site must register their warranty online within 30 days of being sealed to have a warranty through the Granite Shield corporate office. Your applicator should have provided you with paperwork to do so. Seal jobs done before 4/1/11 we still advise to also do so should there be a problem we can notify the customer. Should the customer be unable to register the warranty online please ask the Granite Shield applicator to do so. Should the applicator register the customer's warranty online for the customer we suggest confirming with the applicator that they did and requesting a print out copy of the customer online warranty registration as well as a copy of the applicator online registration form.

Please fill in the following information for your online Granite Shield warranty registration which will be inputted into our customer database. By providing the Granite Shield corporate office your customer information of what was sealed in the home should we need to we can ask the Granite Shield applicator to fax into our office the customer paperwork required should we have not received it from the applicator or for them to fill out the applicator online warranty registration which is different than this registration form. To complete the warranty registration please fax, email or take a photo with your Smart Phone a copy of the Granite Shield warranty card along with a Granite Shield customer receipt so your warranty will be in effect with the Granite Shield corporate office to: Fax: 951-344-8264. Our Post Office no longer wants to accept mailed in copies due to the volume of mail.

If you weren't provided with a receipt from a Granite Shield applicator please contact your Granite Shield applicator to do so. For your warranty to be in effect with the Granite Shield corporate office you must have a customer receipt for proof of purchase showing Granite Shield, how much was paid, what, where, what was sealed in your home that includes your name, phone number and address and for your applicator to have turned into the Granite Shield corporate office his and or her required paperwork to complete the registration. The warranty will be activated once we receive the paperwork from the applicator and the customer completes the activation process. Registration is for those who have had the Granite Shield sealer applied by a licensed Granite Shield applicator.

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***Unfortunately due to fraud and imposters this online warranty registration is our fastest way to catch imposters pretending to be Granite Shield or individuals claiming they are using Granite Shield chemicals. This information you are about to provide us will be reviewed immediately. Keep in mind anyone can visit our website and can fill out the online warranty registration and that is why we need for you to fill out the online warranty registration and fax, email or mail (fax or email is preferred) proof of purchase to our office. Unfortunately we have some Granite Shield applicators that take months or never turn in their paperwork this way we can inform you whether you have had an applicator that never turns in their paperwork. The online warranty registration and the registration process was created for the best interest of the consumer, the applicator and the corporate office.

Granite Shield Online Warranty Registration & Quality Control Service Questionaire

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Name *
E-mail Address *
Customer Name on Receipt (please repeat customer's name. Line 1 should be customer name on receipt so we know who the actual customer is. The above name is how it is filed into the database should not be applicator's name) *
Customer Email Address (please repeat customer's email address because line 2 should have customer's email address and not the applicator's email address. Applicator's email address should only be added should customer not have an email address or it is not known) *
Customer Phone Number (should we need to contact customer) *
Customer Address (to warranty what was sealed in the home) *
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Customer Zip Code *
Customer Country *
Date Sealed (to warranty what was sealed in the home) *
Name of Granite Shield salesperson (because some applicators seal for other companies. In the past some applicators seal for other companies not using Granite Shield chemicals but they tell the company they are and the customer they are sealing for. It is a way to control fraud) *
Name and phone number of company that sold Granite Shield to you (because some applicators seal for other companies. in the past some applicators seal for other companies not using Granite Shield chemicals but they tell the company they are and the customer they are sealing for. It is a way to control fraud) *
Who applied your Granite Shield sealer? (so we know who actually did the sealing) *
Your Granite Shield applicator's phone number (so we know who actually did the sealing in case we need to contact them) *
Total amount paid for Granite Shield sealer (just like if you bought something from Best Buy or Home Depot it would show the price if you were charged a price. If included in granite fabrication just say included) *
What was sealed in the home, approximate square feet and location? (so we know what was sealed) *
If granite was sealed what was the name if known and was it light, medium or dark? (Giallo or Juparana or has yellow, gold, tan or gray in it is a light granite.) *
Were you provided or have read the Warranty Information Sheet and Cleaning Instructions? (so we know the customer has been provided with the documentation) Did your Applicator review that the warranty is about spills from the surface down. That the customer is responsible for grout or silicone between countertop and sink that is free of cracks and faucet holes have silicone? *
Granite sealed by Granite Shield never needs to be sealed again but does get dirty like all countertops including all types of natural stone and man made. If polished granite was sealed did your applicator review the Granite Shield cleaning product Granite Kleen, Silicabright & Kleen N Shine (Shiny Granite Trio) to you? *
If polished granite was sealed did your salesperson or applicator introduce you and explain to you the benefits of using Kleen N Shine (multipurpose surface cleaner) such as Kleen N Shine keeps the granite as shiny as the day it was sealed and helps reduce hardwater deposits and food sticking to the granite? *
If your stone is a calcite based stone such as marble, travertine, limestone, Quartzite, honed, leathered, flamed granite or a very porous stone did the salesperson or applicator review how to care and cleaning instructions with you using Nustone Kleen, Total Kleen and Kleen N Shield and for etches etch removal cream? That at some time you should expect an etch and it is not covered under the warranty. Please note if Quartzite was sealed we don't warranty Quartzite. *
The applicator who applied Granite Shield to what was sealed or when your countertop was installed that has Granite Shield on it did they leave or sell you the customer a minimum 4 oz. sample bottle of Granite Shield’s cleaning product? Did your applicator provide you with a sample of the Granite Shield cleaning product that is either suggested or required to maintain the warranty on what you just had sealed? *
Did your Granite Shield salesperson or applicator offer to sell you Granite Shield cleaning products? *
It is really important for us to know what your salesperson or applicator told you about how to maintain your natural stone or hard surface that what sealed with Granite Shield. What was recommended as an everyday type cleaner and should you have spilled oil, when cooking splattered oil, grease or other liquids onto your stone what heavy duty cleaner did they recommend? *
On a true granite: You are aware soap and water or over the counter cleaner other than what the Granite Shield Corporate Office approves may void your warranty? If in doubt please send an email to *
On calcite based stones such as marble, travertine and limestone you are aware: Only a neutral pH7 stone cleaner such as Nustone Kleen and Kleen N Shield must be used on marble, travertine or limestone? In addition to those cleaners Kleen N Seal may occasionally be used. Water alone or mild soap will not properly clean or maintain your sealed stone. Using Clorox bleach or Windex on these types of stones because they are not granite it will void your warranty? *
Grout, Shower Walls, Marble and Calcite Based Stones the only cleaners are allowed are a neutral pH7 neutral stone cleaner, Nustone Kleen neutral pH7 stone cleaner and Kleen N Shield must be used at least once a month or warranty is void. Did your Applicator discuss it? *
If you had something sealed such as granite, natural stone or grout did the applicator in front of you perform a repellency test by pouring water and leaving it there for a period of time to show you how repellent the item is that was sealed before the applicator left? *
Customer understands warranty does not cover cracks in grout and caulking. Water or oils can penetrate cracks. It is the responsibiltiy of the customer to maintain grout and caulking to prevent water or oil pentetration or sideway transfer near edges of stove, faucet or soap dispenser. *
For the warranty registration to be completed the customer needs to perform a repellency test to make sure the seal job is to the customer's satisfaction. Have you performed a water test on what was sealed to make sure water doesn't penetrate what was sealed? *
Were you provided with a Proof of Purchase (itemized receipt) of Granite Shield what was sealed in your home from the applicator? (So we know the customer was provided with a receipt) *
By registering online you the customer understand you also need to fax, email or mail (fax or email is preferred) within 30 days of completion of sealing a copy of the Granite Shield receipt as actual proof of purchase to the Granite Shield corporate office and Granite Shield Warranty Certificate. This is so we can confirm sealing was done by a licensed Granite Shield applicator (so the customer understands we need the paperwork to validate their warranty.) *
Name of person filling out registration form (so we know who actually filled out the form and if an applicator did so as as courtesy for the customer please provide a print out of this form to give to customer for their records) *
Granite Shield provides the freshest made sealers to Applicators. It is mandatory Applicators discard Granite Shield sealers 12 months and older. Applicators have been informed any sealer over 12 month old the Applicator is responsible should there be a warranty issue. This is addressed on the Applicator Registration of seal job.
Please confirm you understand that should you require verbal or written confirmation your applicator turned in his/or her required documents to the corporate office to register your warranty your applicator will need to fill out the applicator registration form which they then can forward to you as confirmation: *
Our Post Office no longer accepts mailed in warranty paperwork. Please fax or email a copy of your Granite Shield Receipt and Warranty Certificate to 951-344-8264 or
We thank you for your time. This is our way to assure you that an authorized Granite Shield applicator applied Granite Shield and you were provided with warranty information and cleaning procedures. Once you click the submit form button you will be able to print a confirmation you filled out this form and it will provide you steps should you want confirmation your applicator registered your warranty. Comment about service, applicator or product would be greatly appreciated. *

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