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Granite Shield Concrete (Cement) Countertop DYI Seal Kit

Price: $274.99
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Prod. Code: 1800KIT

Granite Shield Concrete Countertop Sealer DIY Kit Includes:

(2) Microfiber cloths
(10) Terry cloth towels
(4) Nitril gloves
(1) 4 oz. Nustone Kleen
(1) 4 oz. Kleen N Shine
(1) 4 oz. Kleen N Shield
(1) 4 oz. GS 3 (Covers 60-80 sq. ft. countertop)
(1) 4 oz. GS 4 (Covers 60-80 sq. ft. countertop)
(1) 4 oz. GS 10 (Covers 60-80 sq. ft. countertop)

Red Wine on Granite Countertop for 24 Hours Video Demonstration

Red Wine Soy Sauce Extra Virgin Olive Oil on Granite Countertop for 24 Hours Video Demonstration 

Why Seal Dark Granite?

Why Choose Granite Shield?


Do's & Don'ts to Having Shiny Granite Countertops

1 oz. can seal approximately 40 sq. ft. of porous granite.  Kit can seal up to 150 sq. ft.

Lifetime Granite Sealer DIY Kit Testimonials

Includes seal book and videos

Video demonstration on how to seal

Video demonstration techniques when sealing light or very porous granite

$274.99 plus shipping and is shipped UPS ground and an extra fee for UPS Air 

By purchasing the Granite Shield Do It Yourself Seal kit I understand the Granite Shield Do It Yourself Seal Kit is non refundable and does not include shipping. Kit is shipped UPS ground and for UPS Air I understand is an extra fee. I agree once receiving chemicals I will not disclose or divulge any procedures, techniques or information pertaining to the chemicals or procedures used by Granite Shield unless approved by the Granite Shield corporate office.

***Disclaimer*** The Granite Shield Do It Yourself Kit for permanently sealing granite does not carry the same warranty as applied by a licensed Granite Shield applicator.

Due to trade secrets and chemicals being able to be diluted Granite Shield licensing fees to be a Granite Shield applicator, sealers to seal natural stone and hard surfaces in the home, sealing chemicals for applicators, applicator seal kits, do it yourself kits and cleaning products are non refundable. Due to the nature of our products, we do not accept any refunds. All sales are final. Granite Shield is not responsible for how customer stores the product such as humidity, freezing, leakage, spillage, evaporation or how long the customer keeps the product without use. If your order includes a seal book and instructions how to seal it will come as a PDF file and will be emailed to you including videos. If you do not receive the email containing the seal book instructions please check your spam folder or junk mail. After checking your inbox, spam folder or junk mail and you can't locate your seal book instructions please send us an email and include your order number at info@GraniteShield.net and we will be more than happy to resend the email. All Granite Shield sealers purchased and used must be marketed, shown and referred to as Granite Shield. This includes Granite Shield sealers that are currently in your possession. No private labeling for sealing chemicals.  

Unfortunately due to the increasing popularity of natural stone many over the counter natural stone cleaners and polishers and online natural stone cleaners and polishers are popping up on the market and some are not safe for natural stone and will cause you problems. Caution some over the counter cleaners and polishers that say they are granite and marble cleaners and polishers contain mineral oil, wax and/or silicone and should not be used on granite. Mineral oil left on granite (sealed or unsealed) long periods of time can change the color of the granite and discolor. Wax, plastic, acrylic and silicone can yellow, crack, peal or scratch and can leave a thin layer of film on your granite. If in areas where you clean your granite (sealed or unsealed) changes colors or discolors may indicate it was caused by cleaning products. Baby oil is mineral oil. Would you clean your granite with baby oil? Over the counter natural stone rejuvenators, refreshers, revitalizers and or polishers (not needed or recommended with the Granite Shield process and may contain mineral oil, silicone, plastic, acrylic or wax which Granite Shield products do not contain)