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Granite Shield's Kleen N Shine Repellent Lavender Scent Spray (100) 4 OZ. in Brushed Aluminum Bottles

Price: $549.99
Prod. Code: 1097WHOLESALE

Granite Shield's recommended all purpose cleaner for granite is Kleen N Shine. Kleen N Shine repellent spray is the best granite cleaner available on the market and is the preferred cleaner for granite sealed with the Granite Shield process. Just spray and wipe off with a clean microfiber towel. Cleans, repels and shines. Your granite has never felt smoother or shinier. The nanotechnology carbon crystal used in the Granite Shield sealing process makes granite smoother and shiny. Kleen N Shine makes granite after being sealed with the Granite Shield process smoother, shinier and more sleek.  For hard surfaces other than flooring you may find Kleen N Shine may be the most used cleaner you will ever use. To maintain the Granite Shield warranty on glass and stainless steel with the Granite Shield process must be maintained at least once a month with Kleen N Shine. Kleen N Shine can also be used on engineered stone. Caution: Do not use on flooring. May be slippery! *Granite* *Marble* *Glass* Mirrors* *Stainless Steel* *Wood* *Leather* *Plastic* *Acrylic* *Fiberglass* *Cars* *Boats* RV's* *Eye Glasses* *Computer Screens*

Created by Debbie Burton-Phillips

(100) 4 OZ. Spray Bottle Lavender Scent in Brushed Aluminum Bottles

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Keep in mind Kleen N Shine is a multipurpose cleaner. It's not just for granite, natural stone, stainless steel, fiberglass, wood mirrors or glass. Kleen N Shine works great as a polymer repellent cleaner on cars, boats, boat windows and even Lexan windows on airplanes and race cars. Kleen N Shine works so great on Lexan windows it removes yellowing on the Lexan windows from racing fuel and the clarity is improved. Also works great on airplane windows and the body of the aircraft. It works so great on car paint that when applied you may surprise people thinking you've repainted your car. Just 2 oz. of Kleen N Shine to the windshield reservoir and fill the rest with clean water and there is improved repellency on the windows. Clean the windshield wiper blade rubber with Kleen N Shine and the rubber will have a longer life. Works great on motorcycle helmets and go carts. Your key won't turn very well in the door lock? Instead of using WD 40 use Kleen N Shine! Doors don't slide well, use Kleen N Shine!