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Granite Shield Granite Lifetime Permanent Sealer


Granite Shield's 5 step process utilyzes catalyzing polymers that penetrate the stone then carbonize the surface pores....leaving a smoother, shinier, permanently sealed surface. Standard sealers are penetrating sealers that are absorbed down in to the stone away from the surface. Oils, Stains, Bacteria and Germs can still penetrate the surface. Granite Shield forms a stainproof barrier on the surface of the stone that Liquids, Grease, Oils, Bacteria and Germs can not penetrate. Indoors or outdoors ...it's guaranteed for Life!

Seal your countertops, floors, shower doors and stainless steel permanently with Granite Shield.

To schedule your appointment please call 877-477-3254 or email us at Info@GraniteShield.net