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Easy to Clean Repellent Glass - Shower Doors, Windows & Windshield


For Residential & Commercial

Would You Like Your Glass - Shower Doors, Windows & Windshield To Be This Repellent and Easier to Clean?

Left Side Unsealed - Right Side Sealed

All of Your Glass Including Shower Doors, Interior & Exterior Windows (Residential or Commercial) & Car Windshield Can Be This Repellent, Low Maintenance & Easier to Clean With Products By Granite Shield

It's Just This Easy to Apply

Sealing Glass Shower Doors By Granite Shield. Granite Shield's Crystashield chemically bonds to surfaces at the molecular level eliminating microscopic peaks and valleys and Kleen N Shine's polymers prevent hardwater from adhering to the surface. Dirt rinses away leaving the glass sparkling clear and streak free. Cleaning is far less frequent and much easier, without "harsh cleaner" of any kind.