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Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions:

All orders are custom made for each customer and in the order received. All sealers and cleaners are custom blended for each customer. 

Due to the demand of Granite Shield sealers and cleaners because there are not Licensed Granite Shield Applicators everywhere, some Applicators only seal granite they fabricate or only seal granite countertops. Granite Shield Products has made Granite Shield sealers and cleaners available by custom order. This is not a retail store and not associated with the Granite Shield Sealing Service. All orders purchased from the online store are custom blended per order, in the order received. 

Due to the nature of these products we do not accept credit cards. These are all custom orders and in the order received. Should you require a replacement you may return an item for replacement within 3 days of delivery date. All returns must be accompanied by the packing slip. When you return an item please indicate the reason for the return and include a photo as to why. You may want to insure your return; we cannot be responsible for lost or misdirected returns. Should a bottle leak for whatever reason such as being in transport with UPS the order is not considered defective. We guarantee that the product will arrive in good condition or we will replace item or replace amount or what is missing but we must be notified within 3 days of delivery date.

Due to trade secrets and chemicals being able to be diluted Granite Shield licensing fees to be a Granite Shield applicator, sealers to seal natural stone and hard surfaces in the home, sealing chemicals for applicators, applicator seal kits, do it yourself kits and cleaning products are non refundable. Due to the nature of our products, we do not accept any refunds. All sales are final.  Granite Shield is not responsible for how customer stores the product such as humidity, freezing, leakage, spillage, evaporation or how long the customer keeps the product without use. All Granite Shield sealers purchased and used must be marketed, shown and referred to as Granite Shield. No private labeling for sealing chemicals.  

All Granite Shield sealers purchased and used must be marketed, shown and referred to as Granite Shield. This includes Granite Shield sealers that are currently in your possession. No private labeling for sealing chemicals.        Your packing slip will indicate where you need to send your return. If you have any questions regarding your order, please feel free to contact us at: graniteshieldproducts@gmail.com

Please allow us 3 business days to process your order in the accounting department and then sent to our shipping department for shipping to put your order together. All orders are a custom order and in the order received. Example: like if you placed an order with a printer for marketing material or promotional marketing material such as custom T Shirts or custom coffee mugs. All orders are custom, freshly made and bottled for each order to have the highest quality. Our shipping department needs to bottle, label, package and ship each order. We receive orders from the customers visiting our website and we supply sealing products to our applicators all over the world. Your order is in the order received and should be shipping within 15 business days of receiving your order and then shipped Fedex ground. Should there be a back order on the product you ordered it may take a little longer than 15 business days for your order to ship due to some Licensed Granite Shield Applicators place rush orders to professionally seal which includes Kleen N Shine. As we mentioned your order will be shipping UPS ground. We ship liquids, we can only use UPS or Fedex, USPS will not allow us to ship liquids. It is beyond our control what UPS charges us to ship liquids, it is based on weight. Once UPS ground has your order it takes normally 3 to 5 business days to get it to you. If within 15 business days you have not received your order please contact us at graniteshieldproducts@gmail.com so we can check on the status of your order or track your order. When contacting Granite Shield Products about a status of order please send an email, shipping is busy working on orders. With an email shipping doesn’t get interrupted on orders they are currently working on and can contact you at their earliest convenience.  In most cases you should receive your order within 15 business days from the day you placed your order. Due to Covid 19 orders are taking longer.

Should you require a rush order or for the order to be delivered by a specific date please contact us by email once the order is placed so we can change the order to a "rush order" for an additional fee. We are always willing to work with customers.

We are closed weekend and holidays. We receive more orders than usual around the holidays. We thank you for your patience.

Thank You,
Granite Shield Products
Email: GraniteShieldProducts@gmail.com