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Granite Shield Videos

Granite Sealing Demonstration

Granite Shield - Never have to Seal Your Granite AGAIN!

Why Seal Dark Granite?

Do's & Don'ts to Having Shiny Granite Countertops

Customer reaction to the sealing process

Granite Shield VS Stonemark Granite by Home Depot

Sealing Shower Walls, Flooring & Glass Blocks DIY

Sealing Glass Shower Doors & Glass Blocks DIY

Stained Leathered Granite before Granite Shield


Stainless Steel


Shower Doors

Sealing Glass Shower Doors By Granite Shield

Granite Shield Sealing CaesarStone

Granite Shield Sealing Absolute Black Granite

Kleen N Shine - Does Your Stainless Steel Do THIS?

Granite Shield Shiny Granite Trio

Stainless Steel Maintenance Kit - Before & After By Granite Shield

Stainless Steel Cleaner - Before & After Using Granite Shield Cleaning Products

Granite Shield - Kleen N Shine

Granite Shield - How to Have a Repellent Bathroom

Waterless Car Wash - So Repellent & Shiny

Mud Test - Car Windshield Sealed VS Unsealed

Why Seal Dark Granite?

More Granite Shield Video Demonstrations